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March 2nd, 2011

Challenge Butter Coupons

Does the coupon ribbon strike anyone else as odd advertising placement?

What do coupons have to do with growth hormones? In this case, nothing, and it actually made me bark a little laugh when I saw them linked so closely together. It was as if the coupons were somehow to get me hormone-free butter (or cows) as opposed to what was actually in the box — like a mail-in cereal box prize.

This quick and dirty Photoshop visually puts the coupon ribbon on the box itself instead of the “no hormones” tag and makes more sense to me.

Butter Coupons Fix

This makes more sense to me.

The next question is: Does it matter in the slightest? I’m not sure, myself. Both points are still being made, whether they’re related or not, and I doubt the average butter consumer will really think that hard about either statement. It did give me a good smile, though, imagining mailing in for hormone free cows!

Free Cow!

Cow from a photo by Meneer Zjeroen.

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