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Roxanne Ready of Ready DesignsThough Ready Designs itself was only formed this year, I’ve been building websites since 2000. Throughout that time, I’ve also designed various other assets, including logos and advertisements. You can check some of my favorites out here in my portfolio.

I know a little bit of everything, from photography to marketing, and a lot about a few things, including CSS, jQuery, and Photoshop. I can build a site from concept to completion, touching every step from logo design all the way to execution. I can even use social media  and search engine optimization to get the sites I build exposure.

For my complete professional history and resumé, please visit my profile on LinkedIn.

Roxanne Ready

Ok, but Who Are You Really?

I currently live in Maryland, USA, but as I’m married to a serviceman that will likely change again soon. I was born and raised in Northern CA and hope to return to the West Coast someday, but in the mean time I’m enjoying experiencing other parts of the country, and eventually the world. We have about a million computers of various OS affiliations, far too many books, and two adorable cats who pretty much runs the whole operation.

Happy Folks

    • Roxanne Rocks! Super quick turnaround, amazing communication and a pleasure to work with. She's the best and I highly recommend her for your website/design needs

      Andrea Morelli, Impetuous Style

    • Roxanne will grasp the bigger picture of any job and is one of those rare species that combines technical skill, creativity and functionality.

      Annelies Draaijer, Raglan Shire

    • When a concern comes up that she knows about, she's usually suggesting solutions before I even come to her to discuss the problem.

      William Kammer, BDI

    • Roxanne shows her skills in social media everyday by managing numerous accounts and keeping them updated to attract traffic. She's capable of creating an online presence and keeping it within the tone and attitude the company desires.

      William Kammer, BDI

    • Roxanne is an extremely talented programmer. She is able to take an extremely complex storyboard and turn it into a beautiful website. There is no project too big or too small that she can't handle.

      Rachael Masek, UWF Webspinners

    • [Roxanne] brings along creativity, pro-activeness, enthousiasm, a high level of skill and she will think outside of boxes. She's also a quick learner and a very pleasant person to work with.

      Annelies Draaijer, Raglan Shire

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