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I have been designing and building websites since 2000, and I've been continually updating my skills throughout that time. I build primarily with HTML and CSS and ensure every site I make is compatible across all the major browsers and visible on iDevices. I use jQuery and CSS3 when appropriate to achieve Flash-like effects in a mobile-friendly, forward-compatible way.

For my complete professional history and resumé, please visit my LinkedIn page.

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Online Faculty Support (currently in beta) is a website I built in conjunction with CASS Solutions. The site is an information and social hub for online teachers and includes a custom CMS for admins and numerous data entry and search functions across the site. The project utilizes Jade, an HTML template engine, and Stylus, a CSS language built on node.js, and accesses a Mongoose database.

The logo was provided by the client.

Online Faculty Support Home Page

Doctor Who Vector Art

This was a personal project done just for fun, built primarily in Adobe Illustrator. Each panel took about three hours. For references of the actors portrayed, view the DeviantArt entry.

Three Doctor Who Doctors

Fantastic, Brilliant, and Cool

Rad Green Photography

This is a custom WordPress build for a local photographer. Her company has a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility. This site has been approved but is not yet live.

Rad Green Photography

Wild Adventures Zoo

Wild Adventures Zoo is a non-profit project based here in Las Vegas. I built this custom WordPress theme non-gratis; the theme incorporates custom post types, custom taxonomies, featured images, and minimal PayPal incorporation.

Wild Adventures Zoo

Wild Adventures Zoo

Heddy's Fabrics

I built this custom WordPress theme for a local fabric store here in Las Vegas. The logo was provided by the client. I took all photos of the shop and created the dress-form in Illustrator.

Heddy's Fabrics Home Page

Heddy’s Fabrics Home Page

I recently had the pleasure of designing a custom theme for a local Las Vegas nightclub promoter. The site contained a massive database of information about various clubs, services, and local information, but the information was poorly organized for visitors and difficult to maintain and update. I was able to not only update the look of the site, but also to prioritize the information and utilize the unique back-end strengths of WordPress for content organization and logical, automatic display.

Free Vegas Club Passes (Aug. 2011)

FreeVegasClubPasses Home Page (Aug. 2011)

Free Vegas Club Passes Resources Page (Aug 2011)

FreeVegasClubPasses Resources Page (Aug 2011)

FreeVegasClubPasses Club List (Aug 2011)

FreeVegasClubPasses Club List (Aug 2011)

Promiscuous Pregame

I designed and built this custom WordPress theme for a party website, Promiscuous Pregame. The site was a rush, and was live 48 hours after I accepted the job.

Promiscuous Pregame (Aug. 2011)

Valley Tank Testing

Design and development of this PHP-driven site was a partnership between myself and Dustin Coffey of CASS Solutions, with Mr. Coffey as the project lead. Our goal was to update the look of Valley Tank Testing’s existing website, which was originally built in 2004. Although accepted by the company and completed, as of this writing the site is not live.

Valley Tank Testing (2011)

Valley Tank Testing (2011)

Valley Tank Results Access Center

Logo for the Valley Tank Results Access Center, where Valley Tank customers can check the results of their fuel stations’ government compliance tests. The logo needed to use the Valley Tank icon (left) while being unique to the Results Access Center.


Tutoring in Marin

I built this WordPress theme for a tutor in Marin County, CA. She specializes in teaching dyslexic children, so I wanted to make sure the site was as dyslexia-friendly as possible. The background is off-white and the text is a very dark gray to reduce the high contrast which makes many websites strain the eyes. I chose fonts with high x-heights and clear letter distinctions to make the text as easy to read as possible. The client provided the images and most of the text throughout the site, though I wrote the home page content and provided editing services.

Tutoring in Marin Screenshot

Tutoring in Marin Homepage

Impetuous Style

This simple, clean WordPress theme was designed for a fashion blog. All elements were to be kept minimal to highlight the images in the posts. Cufon was implemented to allow for custom font usage in the post titles and widgets. (Rights to the photographs in the image below remain with Impetuous Style.)

Impetuous Style Fashion Blog

Impetuous Style Fashion Blog

AmericanGrLLC's eBay Storefront

This eBay seller sells carnival food machines and wanted a design to complement the “fair food” atmosphere. We eventually settled on a category-based home page to make maintenance as easy as possible from her end.

AmericanGr's eBay Storefront

AmericanGr’s eBay Storefront

A very simple HTML/CSS landing page for William’s personal website. He provided the text and photo, and I made the social networking graphics. One Page Website

Pensacola Leaders

This was the site I worked on while interning for Coco Design, a boutique Web design company. The site is designed to bring together businesspeople around the Pensacola, FL area. I designed a new logo, and designed and built the site. I used jQuery to present the member list and create the lightbox pop-up form on the same page. I no longer have any connection with the site, but most of it remains as I left it.

Pensacola Leaders Homepage

Pensacola Leaders Homepage

ShardsOfBlue Spore Fanpage

I designed and built my Spore fanpage while playing and creating content for the Electronic Arts title, Spore. At that time, I was also a volunteer forum moderator on the official forums which serviced thousands daily.

Fanpage for the game Spore

ShardsOfBlue Spore Fanpage

Home Health Dictionary

Logo for Home Health Dictionary, a medical mispronunciation resource. (This logo is no longer in use.)

Home Health Dictionary Logo

Az Anytiny System

Branding for the “Az Anytiny” system, an asset I created (under the name Azelle) for the Second Life game. The asset targeted a community of animal avatars called Tinies, which had a strong focus on cuteness and an ongoing challenge with sharing assets across avatars. This logo appeared in many colors and iterations across in-game products.

Az Anytiny Branding

Az Anytiny Branding

Happy Folks

    • When a concern comes up that she knows about, she's usually suggesting solutions before I even come to her to discuss the problem.

      William Kammer, BDI

    • I would hire Roxanne for another project anytime I have one and feel confident she would do a tremendous job.

      Rachael Masek, UWF Webspinners

    • [Roxanne] brings along creativity, pro-activeness, enthousiasm, a high level of skill and she will think outside of boxes. She's also a quick learner and a very pleasant person to work with.

      Annelies Draaijer, Raglan Shire

    • Roxanne is an extremely talented programmer. She is able to take an extremely complex storyboard and turn it into a beautiful website. There is no project too big or too small that she can't handle.

      Rachael Masek, UWF Webspinners

    • Roxanne will grasp the bigger picture of any job and is one of those rare species that combines technical skill, creativity and functionality.

      Annelies Draaijer, Raglan Shire

    • Roxanne shows her skills in social media everyday by managing numerous accounts and keeping them updated to attract traffic. She's capable of creating an online presence and keeping it within the tone and attitude the company desires.

      William Kammer, BDI

    • Roxanne Rocks! Super quick turnaround, amazing communication and a pleasure to work with. She's the best and I highly recommend her for your website/design needs

      Andrea Morelli, Impetuous Style

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